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It’s simple. Select a cause you would like to voice your opinion on, and checkout. After you pay a small fee, we print out copies of your cause, and mail them first class to each and every one of your local and state representatives. The only way we are going to bring our country back to a place of freedom is from a local level. So let’s do it!

Stay up to date on important topics, and get first chance to shut down the ridiculous laws that are being passed, and tearing this country to the ground

It is our duty as citizens to steer the direction of our country. Our ancestors, back in 1776 and the handful of generations beyond, did just that. They were connected to their communities. They attended town hall meeting. Their voices and opinions were heard. Freedom meant something completely different to them. Today, we take our freedom for granted. Our ancestors would be ashamed to know we have let our country down. They would be ashamed to know we care more about the various forms of entertainment then we do about what is happening outside our own front doors. People around the world today are astonished at the fact that we just don’t seem to care. After all, we are the only country on earth that enables it’s citizens to take action, and choose the destiny for this generation, and for future generations. It is your right to TAKE ACTION. It is your DUTY to be a part of your country. Politics are steered by local communities straight up to the White House, and everywhere in between. It is time to take our country back, again. View our Causes Page to see a list of issues to voice your opinion on.

It is a mystery how our country went from being the greatest in the world to what is is today in such a short period of time. We went to war in Iraq for years, spent roughly 6 trillion dollars, lost over 4 thousand of our own, and are dealing with over a million others wounded for nothing. When Obama was elected, he just pulled out of Iraq. We didn’t gain anything. We didn’t do anything with the oil. The U.S. government gave China rare earth element mining rights in the middle east to further develop their monopoly. We benefited from absolutely nothing in that war. The only financial benefit went to the companies supplying goods and services for the purpose of war. Nothing helped our economy. We need to bring production back to our country. We need to make our country a producer again. At the moment, we are producing very little in the world, and consuming massive amounts of resources. These are the ingredients for a financial collapse. We are constantly looking for new pieces to the great puzzle of today, or looking at known events from different angles, to further piece this together. Read more about what we think is important on our Blog Page.

We have grown tired to seeing our country fail as a direct result of poor leadership. Americans are some of the greatest people in the world. We have constantly innovated and created the highest standards of living. We have created the best forms of technology. We have some of the best car companies. The real problem is everything has been outsourced to other countries, and we produce next to nothing in this country today. The Real Freedom Movement was created because we are tired of seeing America being striped of it’s freedom. We are tired of seeing the government illegally seize rightfully owned land from farmers, ranchers, and U.S. citizens. We have grown tired of seeing bad deal after bad deal made in international affairs. We are tired of our leadership, and we want to do something about it. We want to win the information war. We don’t want to see any more lives lost on either side of the spectrum. We are proud Americans, and we want a proud America. Read more on the motivation behind The Real Freedom Movement project on the About Page.

Take Action!

Below is a list of the issues we are facing in the United States. Browse through our Causes to find the ones that speak out to you the most, and put your name behind them, so we can take our country back together.

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  • $4.99
    Freedom of Speech (BASIC)
    Protect your right to speak freely anywhere in our country. Protect the future of America.
  • $4.99
    Right to Bear Arms (BASIC)
    Demand our second amendment is fully protected, and for the government to stay away from our freedoms.
  • $4.99
    Say NO to GMO (BASIC)
    Tell our elected officials we do not want GMO foods on our grocery stores, kitchens, or pantries. We are done with GMO.
  • $4.99
    Boarders. Language. Culture. (BASIC)
    Demand our boarders are protected, the English language is commonly spoken, and our Christian American culture is upheld.
  • $4.99
    Regulate The Federal Register (BASIC)
    Demand our federal registry is regulated in some form, so we aren't constantly bombarded with thousands of new rules and regulations every year.

Get Informed

Below is our Blog. Each post is related to a corresponding Cause. Read through our Blog Posts learn more about why we are so passionate about each Cause we have created to date

Will you stand up and speak out, like some of our country’s finest leaders?

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